Do you want to have your cylinders inspected? Procylma is specialised in the inspection and re-inspection of pressure cylinders. Short lead times, appropriate advice and professional quality are our starting points.


The inspection of cylinders always takes place in accordance with current legislation, NEN and ISO standards. Procylma has extensive experience in inspecting and refurbishing cylinders for medical and technical gas suppliers, REOB companies, diving or shooting sports and the safety regions.

Would you like to have your cylinders inspected or would you like more information about our inspection and working methods?

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Certified inspection station for cylinders

We inspect and re-inspect the following types of cylinders:

  • (Re)inspection of steel cylinders (EN 1968:2002 +A1 :2005).
  • (Re)inspection of aluminium cylinders (EN 1802:2002).
  • (Re)inspection of composite cylinders with aluminium liner (EN. 111623:2015).
  • (Re)inspection of composite cylinders with steel liner, aluminium liner and PET liner.
  • (Re)inspection of diving cylinders.

We always work according to the current legislation and standards.